This barn invites learning as kids color and create while learning letters, numbers and animals. Grab a single crayon or double pointed crayon for two lines at once to create your masterpiece, or color with the sheep, rooster, duck or cow-shaped crayons. The self-contained barn of stackable crayons also houses a roll of paper with farm themed drawings to color and then rip off along the edge of the top (kids really liked this feature) for display! An art project turns into pretend play when the crayons are covered with fun farm images for conversation–a pig hanging out in the corn pen, chicks hatching, a tractor hauling hay bales, or a bunny among his carrots–as well as letters and numbers. Our little tester started calling out letters as he saw them on the crayons while selecting his next color. After he finished coloring a tractor we had fun placing the crayon characters in the driving seat and putting the duck in the pond. More than a coloring book, this barn produced a lot of chat and language learning.

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