I grew up spending hours playing with my mother’s dollhouse (made by my grandfather) so it was a delight to watch a new generation of little girls immerse themselves in pretend play in Blossom Cottage. Easily assembled with a few screws and sliding wooden pieces, it quickly became home to the four figures and their household of furniture. The design sets this sturdy dollhouse apart as kids can pull down the front door panel to reveal a path into the house through the garden and goldfish pond. As I revealed the inside of the dollhouse, one little girl said, “Wow, we can make an outside house,” as she proceeded to seat the  dolls at the table for a garden party. The front roof section flips back to give full access to the second floor as kids got “into” the house with both hands. 18 pieces of furniture fill the bathroom, bedroom, living room and kitchen but never stay put for too long as children re-arrange pieces as they weave a story. Props have enough detail to be recognized but are open-ended for the child to add their imagination to the play. One little tester brought her doll to the pond and said, “Maybe we can pretend the chairs are fishing poles!” Blossom Cottage sets the stage for pretend play and language learning.

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