bbppro-bear-with-patch-and-tablet-1Want to soften technology with a cuddle and chat? Bring on one of the Bluebee Pals to oversee the learning! As a speech language pathologist, over the last 35  years working with kids, one of the biggest challenges was keeping them focused, attending and listening to directions, conversation and stories. Bluebee Pals, Sammy the Bear, Leo the Lion, Riley the Zebra and others lip sync songs, stories and content from learning apps. Connect the animals to a Bluetooth enabled phone, tablet or laptop from Apple to Android and they become a cuddly learning pal, adding a physical (think sensory plush), visual and auditory dimension to learning. I’m impressed with the quality of the voice, as well as the realistic coordinated movements of the mouth. An obvious terrific companion to therapists, specifically speech pathologists, Bluebee Pals are also a helpful addition to play for typically developing kids. especially in listening to stories, singing and conversing by phone. Pair your Pal with your phone and Leo or Sammy take on the voice of the caller, bringing a fun stuffed animal into the conversation, practicing conversational skills and building social language too. These endearing animals captured my attention too as my husband surprised me with Leo crooning Sinatra’s “My Kind of Town” while propped up next to me!

Contributing writer: Bob Artemenko

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