Lily will melt your heart. This sweet little lamb can sing your child a song, read a story or play an app with her, sharing all kinds of learning! Lily is special because she comes with a free Life/Skill Companion App in addition to being able to connect to other learning apps. Our little friends loved the playhouse full of activities by room theme. Choosing the playroom in the dollhouse first, they tapped on the ice cream truck and were asked to find all the Bluebee Pals on the island, who respond with a sentence about what they are doing. Tap the balloons, robot, maze or magnetic board for a color matching game,  robot construction,  a maze run or learn your ABC’s and more. Tap the kitchen and kids learn food vocabulary, simple related sentences through cute animated sequences with the Bluebee Pals and are asked to follow directions. It was such fun to watch a pair of kids, one was tapping the app while the other was mesmerized by watching Lily’s mouth and head move in sync with the conversation. The BlueBee Pals app has loads of learning fun for the kids as well as information for parents and educators including highly recommended educational apps to use with your Bluebee Pal. I know Bluebee Pals are a favorite playmate during free time in the classroom and teachers love them too as they reinforce and teach important cognitive concepts and life skills through conversation and play.

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