The Bluebee Pals are on a new adventure as Techie Rangers, who come to the rescue when little Andy gets lost in the forest while taking a nature walk with his class. This sweet story introduces us to a class of children who communicate through their “talkers,” where pictures and words help kids communicate through their augmentative and alternative communication devices. Leo the Lion is the first ranger to find Andy and leads him through the forest, assembling his ranger team, “Off we go, Bluebee Pals on a mission!”  Riley the Zebra, Parker the Monkey, Sammy the Bear, Lily the Sheep, and Hudson the Puppy jump in the ranger’s jeep and safely return Andy to his class of friends at the Rainbow School. Co-authored by a speech pathologist, this story contains plenty of repetition for early readers and opportunity for language learning and discussion. A free 61 page Activity Guide is a wonderful compilation of related activities based on Core Curriculum for pre-k through first grade. Activities include answering questions related to the story, “What would you do if you were lost?” illustrating and discussing emotions such as how Andy felt at the beginning and end of the story, identifying and discussing essential parts to a story–characters, setting, problem and solution, and practicing sight words. Not only is this a story about kids who communicate in a special way, it also introduces you to the plush Bluebee Pals characters who pair nicely with this story and encourage language learning fun!

Note: Bluebee Pals Techie Rangers is available in paperback and as an e-book

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