As speech-language pathologists, talking and eating are our specialities. Finturely’s Bottle Buddies combine both. A soft, plush elephant gripping toy that attaches to your baby’s bottle that gives parents a great conversation starter as they expose their baby to rich language.

Babies brains begin to map language with every spoken word. The more we talk to our babies, the more exposures they’re getting to new neural connections, which grows their brains. Tactile input works the same way. Bottle Buddies provides a tactile input, whether its gripping on the attachable handles or on the attachable plush toys as they feed.

The Bottle Buddies provide an interactive opportunity between parents as they feed their young babies. Parents can talk about what their baby is touching, use descriptive words to encourage language development and practice joint attention. In turn, Bottle Buddies can help foster independence for bottle feeding as your baby gets older.

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