Inventor_3__41762.1457986724.500.500I opened the box of Brackitz and my little builder got right to inventing. What fun to see a sibling and friend join the fun and begin their own creations.  My little engineers were connecting, taking apart and revising their structures using the short and long planks, and 3 and 4 way connectors. Rotating pieces gave movement to their creations. Working side by side, they built a dam ( The 5 year-old told me it was on the Kenai River!) a dog, dinosaur and bridge, all structures that became the basis for pretend play. Kids take their builds to the playroom floor for further story-telling and language learning when the dog starts to move and bark, the dinosaur explores the terrain, and the bridge goes over their “stream” of boats. Great STEM products like Brackitz also encourage pretend play and language learning as structures and models become part of play, extending the learning to dialogue, plots and descriptions.

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