Battat Education’s Bright Explorer Lightbox combines the fascination of light with hands-on play to create a versatile learning experience. Kids can play many different ways, developing different skills such as language, cognition and fine motor.

The Bright Explorer includes translucent shapes that shine brightly on the lightbox surface. There are two transparency sheets with ocean and countryside scenes, perfect for coloring (with dry erase markers), shape matching, and storytelling. An included pack of tangram cards with animals and objects, lights-up fun in different ways!

Kids matched the shapes on the illuminated surface, and developed essential spatial awareness. They understood how different pieces fit together to form a complete picture. Kids practiced critical thinking and problem solving to match the shapes to their corresponding tangram, which enhanced their ability to recognize and match shapes, and think flexibly.

The Bright Explorer Lightbox can also be transformed into a sensory bin, offering an engaging way to develop fine motor skills. With several tools, including scissor scoop, tongs, and a dropper, children can practice precise movements and explore different textures. Using different tools and to pick up and manipulate small objects helps children strengthen the muscles in their hands and fingers, improving dexterity and coordination. The combination of tactile and visual stimulation enhances sensory development, providing a rich, multi-sensory experience that engages children in learning through play.

Free play is a crucial aspect of early childhood development, and the Bright Explorer Lightbox excels in this area by offering a fun space for imaginative play. It includes translucent bugs, w which pair perfectly with some outdoor finds like grass and leaves for the best kid-created scene, stories, and games — guided by their imagination and curiosity. This encourages children to invent their own narratives and explore new ideas, fostering creative thinking and imagination.

The Bright Explorer is a bright choice for engaging learning. Its versatility in play allows children to experiment and discover new concepts independently, promoting self-directed learning and confidence in their abilities. Whether used for tangrams, sensory exploration, or imaginative free play, this lightbox provides an interactive and stimulating learning environment.

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