Kids love to build and hammer so it’s no surprise that kids designed this fun family game. Plenty of stacker briks and baseplates come in bright kid-friendly colors to build vertically for up to 6 floors. Now grab the hammer and take turns strategically knocking out support pieces, trying to be the last player to knock out a brik without toppling the tower. There’s definitely some strategy involved and we were surprised that a whole column didn’t let loose when we whacked it–some of the stacker briks stayed hanging! These briks are easy enough for young members of the family (3 years and up) to attach and participate in a first game, with easy rules and fun set-up, learning to take turns. Play can even be collaborative, trying to beat the number of turns the group takes before the tower comes down. After several rounds of play, kids can incorporate the game pieces in some creative building as Strictly Briks are compatible with all major brands with large pegs, such as lego’s Duplo blocks. How many times are kids frustrated with not enough baseplates while creating? This Brik Buster box has many additional important pieces for building up and out in open-ended play to provide a garage, building, store or school to bring various figures and toys to act out pretend play, essential for language learning.

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