Train lovers: we hope you’re sitting down for this. Brio has always been a leader in train sets, battery operated trains and accessories. This year, they released three incredible track additions that will advance play and imagination with your conductor: The Battery-Operated Steaming Train ($39.99), the Rescue Action Tunnel ($24.99) and the Train Service Station ($44.99).

We love Brio’s battery operated trains that bring the track to life. Now the Brio Battery-Operated Steaming Train is exactly that – moving forwards and backwards with the touch of a button- but also releases a [touch safe], cool, steam from its smoke stacker. It’s amazingly realistic! Our toy testers eagerly filled up the locomotive with water, which was also great for practicing fine motor and precision, and watched in disbelief as they put their hand over the steam.

Other new Brio releases included the Rescue Action Tunnel Kit and the Train Service Station. The Rescue Action Tunnel includes the rescue action tunnel and platform track, 1 firehose train wagon, and a flame accessory; all perfect parts for creating a story. The fire wagon with hose became the star of the show as it identified the track on fire and our toy testers used their fine motor skills to lift the ladder, pull the hose and spray water. Again, using fine motor skills, cranking the hose back into place as it happily chugged away.

The Train Service Station is a must-have for the every track. Trains need to be taken care of too! The service station has three paths. First a washing track with rollers that spin – another great combination for fine motor, pretend play and language. Another side is for any trains that need repair. Broken wheel? No problem! Our toy testing engineers rolled the train into the fixing area and they were on their way in no time. The third track is the passthrough. Once trains got a wash and fix, they reversed and went along.

These three additions to your Brio track help spark creativity and imagination, allow for more detailed storytelling and role playing that practice key communication skills. Children continue to play while building vocabulary, problem solving, and fine motor skills. The Steam Train, Rescue Action Tunnel and Train Service Station are brilliant tools to expand play for all train conductors and engineers.