BRIO World has just gotten tech savvy and kids love it!  We combined 3 sets that use their new interactive smart technology, “Smart Engine Set with Action Tunnels,” “Smart Washing Station” and “Smart Engine with Action Tunnels. ” Our boys set up the track, loaded some batteries into the engines and discovered how they reacted to each tunnel, train station and washing station. It was fun to see “smart” play as the kids engaged in problem solving and cooperative planning to set their track and props for a good story. Different tunnels are designed to signal the train to stop, reverse direction or blow their horn. As the train approaches the station, the kids set the stop light to green or red to control the train to pass through or stop for passengers to get on and off the train , while realistic sounds are emitted that signal coming into a busy station.  After the train is loaded up, it starts up again. Every busy train needs a bath once in a while and the Washing Station was popular. The train goes forward and back through 2 sets of rollers to the sounds of water, bubbles and sprays and after it’s finished it backs up and stops, ready for a load tomorrow. Kids kept changing up the story using the manual knob to switch tracks after the washing to park for the night. BRIO’s smart technology adds realism to the play space but still keeps kids leading the play, tapping creativity, story-telling, problem solving and flexibility in their pretend play to build skills that can contribute to later academic success.

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