Kids are going to POP for Bubble Gum Rummy, the fast paced and quick thinking matching game. Best suited for 3-5 players and animal lovers five and up. Each animal on the card is busy blowing bubble gum bubbles and players will inevitable find a cute favorite.

The object of the game is to score the most points by having the most amount of animal sets at the end. A set is made up of at least 2 of the same bubble gum chewing animal. As play continues, players draw cards and can steal sets from their opponents with a single card that matches the animal set. When someone has one card remaining the yell “Yum Yum Bubble Gum!” and then points are counted.

Why we love it

Bubble Gum Rummy is a quick play and fast thinking game. Players hone in on divided attention skills as they play their own hand and also mindfully watch how their opponents are doing as well. When the game is done, they practice counting, addition, subtraction and even multiplication. Rainbow Bubble cards (the unicorns!) triple the points of a set. Consequently, holding on to a Bubble Burst card (a sticky sloth) can subtract 5 points at the end of a round. Our older players were careful to make sure each hand was counted precisely.

This energetic card game is great when you just have a little bit of time to play. It promotes divided attention, math and counting skills, and quick thinking. It would be an excellent stocking stuffer!

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