22261What do you get when you combine a Toy of the Year Finalist HEXBUG™  nano™ and the classic high quality, uber-creative, die-cut marvel, Ravensburger game? You get a fun, frenetic,  romp through a kitchen maze trying to capture an electronic millipede before he chomps on any more blue plate specials. Set-up a clever maze of knives, forks and spoons in one of four gated mazes, energize your bug in the center and roll the dice to change utensils in the maze to unleash this bad bug. Your mission is to rotate the gates in-turn to get this bug to fall into 2-4 traps located in kitchen corners (2-4 players, ages 6 and up) . It isn’t easy – this micro-muncher, zigs and zags through the maze as real as any you’ll skitter away when you turn-on the lights on the back porch. Our young testers were captivated by this agitated robotic cootie skittering unpredictably, backing up and changing direction in the network. “I would have used the spoon” (to turn it around), or “I could have blocked Caroline” (from capturing it). The dizzying speed of the HEXBUG™ careening around the game board keeps players on there toes, all accompanied by continuous commentary, critics and cheers. The energy and surprises in this innovative game generate a lot of communication, good natured rivalry and rich language. Available at Ravensburger: Click here and Amazon: Click here

Bob Artemenko. Bob loves play and words. Poet, pilot, and ex-minor leaguer, he’s the go -to big guy on the street for throwing batting practice.