Calling all architects, construction lovers, and building experts….

Magna-Tiles just created the imaginative play building set of your kiddo’s dreams. Your child becomes the inventor for new skyscrapers, railings, and roads to create their own city.

We love Magna-Tiles and how they spark creativity and design while practicing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The Builder32-piece set allows your child to expand into open play, create sequences and story lines, and construct, revise, and rebuild as their story progresses.

The set includes yellow, orange, and green square tiles for crafting buildings, along with brick rectangles. Square and quarter circle road pieces pave the way for your new cityscape so that the crane can make its way to the new work site. There are two magnetic crane pieces that expand, which work perfectly to grab, move, and stack your tiles.

The Magna-Tiles Builder Set is at the forefront of “play to learn.” Young children begin to learn shape and color recognition, practice spatial awareness with opportunities for learning prepositions (e.g. in front, behind, next to, in, on, under) and gain confidence as they build and rework their designs. Older children create story sequences, or schemas, creating dialogue as they move machines and build their city.

Our group of toy testers immediately assigned roles to each other and decided their city should first have buildings. They created cooperatively, shared ideas, and expanded on each other’s story and dialogue. Once a few structures were in place, they constructed a road with the tile pieces, which worked their spatial awareness skills. They navigated tiles on the floor, almost like a puzzle, to create a path to each of their existing structures.

We love the endless open play possibilities that the Magna-Tiles Builder Set provides. Kids are learning and perfecting language, problem solving, critical thinking, planning and predication, and cooperation… all while having fun.