We love Bumpas and their Mushies cousins! Mushies are the new soft, squishable and stretchable pals that love to give hugs too. With their retractable long arms and legs, kids will incorporate their superpower stretchiness and velcro grip into playtime adventures.

Each Mushie arm and leg stretches to about 2 feet long, and gives a satisfying crunch, crinkle, and snap along the way. They connect by velcro making it the perfect security stuffy to wrap around your kiddo’s waist and neck and give the sensation of a hug.

Our testers loved how Mushies hung on to them for hugs and cuddles. Their long arms and legs became apart of their story and imaginary play. This type of play encourages creativity, language development and problem solving as they navigate imaginary scenarios.

Mushies are especially great for providing comfort as kids make new transitions or navigate hard feelings. Their ability to physically connect to a child helps build that emotional bond to make kids feel secure and safe. They’re amazing travel buddies with their lightweight design and fun fidget sensation.

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