Try NOT to get silly saying, “Button, Button, Belly Button” with your toddler! I introduced this game to my 2 year-old friend and she said, “Cool!” We started out following the rules, as I modeled tapping a different button card repeating the phrase, “Button, Button, Belly Button,” and turning over the card where we landed. She started to name the colors or listen to my prompt and cover that colored button on the game board. When we turned over the little bear cards with colored shirts lifted to see their belly button she showed her belly button. The little bears have shirts in the 7 primary colors to match the same image on the game board. Sounds simple but those of you who know 2 year-olds know that quickly they make up their own rules! She was off to hide the button cards in the couch for me to find, she named the colors as she dropped the cards on the floor and loved repeating, “Button, Button, Belly Button.” Little ones learn to take turns, follow directions, match and name colors, and listen, remember and repeat a sequence of words to build language skills. Parents are always looking for toys and games for toddlers so look no farther. This game is fun for the parent as well as the child and encourages learning. Peaceable Kingdom is known for their excellent Parent Guides with suggestions for play as well as developmental milestones by skill for the age appropriate for their game. Extended play options include identifying other body parts, pointing with the button mover, taking a color walk through the house,¬† collecting¬† objects that match the color of the button you are holding, or play Where’s That Button? where your child follows your directions such as, “Look for the green button on the chair.” So much learning is so much fun!

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