Bakers, start your ovens! The Cake-N-Bake Challenge is a fast paced, color matching game where players stack layers of colors that match their action card. They weren’t just racing to finish their cakes – they practiced color recognition, color naming, visual memory and sensory play.

Perfect for 2-6 players at a time, and also great for mixed ages, the first learning skill was all about colors. Bakers work to quickly match their cake to their dealt action card. The first baker done rings the bell and shouts “Cake done!” to win the round.

There are also special action cards that require players to stack their cake with just one hand or stack your cake by memory only after studying it for 10 seconds. Using the special action cards along with the classic action cards, allowed for play with mixed ages. We used classic action cards for the younger kids and special action cards for the older kids, which made for more even gameplay.

Children practiced visual discrimination and visual memory as they layered their cakes. These are skills that help children interpret what they’re seeing, and transfer to academic settings as well (like visually tracking a blackboard at school and back to the paper on their desk). Players worked to go back and fourth from their action card, to the center of the table where cake pieces were spread out. The Cake-N-Bake Challenge encouraged visual memory. Bakers soon realized they could save time if they memorized a few color layers and then stacked their cake.

There was also a sensory play option. Each cake layer color also has a specific texture. Players work in teams so that one baker describes the texture and the other baker is blindfolded and must feel the pieces to accurately stack the cake. Kids used very interesting texture descriptions, like “it feels like triangle points on your finger tips,” “DOTS!” “it feels like beach waves,” and “try to feel tiny circles when you press lightly.”

The Cake-N-Bake Challenge is a fun, fast-paced, cake stacking race game. Children practiced color concepts, visual discrimination, visual memory, and sensory play. This game is great for encouraging learning through exploration and creativity.

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