Who wouldn’t want a slice of cake served up by a little friend from this Cake Set? As I was assembling my dessert with my little tester , I asked if she wanted me to add red or pink frosting drops to the top of the cake and she said, “Both,” as she referred to them as “bubble gum” and “strawberry” flavored! The icing bag provided for pretend preparation, while the serving spatula led the play along the lines of serving and even setting up a little bakery where I must say the prices were quite reasonable. As she was sliding her spatula under a piece, rotating the turntable, she said, “Where’s the plate?” Without waiting for an answer, she grabbed a paper bag (part of the packaging) and used it as a plate for her treat. Great toys that encourage pretend play, provide the idea, and leave the open-ended play to be led by the child. Plan Toy’s sleek wooden design encourages dialogue related to creating, serving, eating or selling this delectable cake. Dividing a whole into parts, lends itself to learning math concept words like “more than” and “less than,” “half,” or “whole.” Plan Toy’s Cake Set serves up great language learning!

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