care-for-me-learning-carrierKids love pets so now they can transport their little plush doggie in this interactive pet carrier with light up learning features. Open the door to put your plush puppy in and he starts up, “Woof, woof, into song and lets you know he is ready to run, play and talk! Kids learn to follow directions, answer questions, sing along, have conversations, and play pretend with this little friend. Push the puppy button for some role play suggestions, the colored buttons to learn colors, shapes and pet vocabulary, or slide letter beads for some early literacy learning, “D is for dog,” with fun songs to add to the mix. This pet carrier is ready for travel with daily accessories for your doggie. A water dish, bone, ball, comb and bottle provide lots of creative play time to give special care to the puppy. Just look what you and your puppy can learn as you travel about!

Available at VTech. Click here