It’s time to head to the kitchen with everyone’s favorite kitchen tool. LeapFrog’s Choppin’ Fun Learning Pot is an interactive toy that promotes listening comprehension, sequencing, builds vocabulary and reenforces number and color concepts.

Your Insta-Pot- type pot includes a cutting board, knife, spoon, and 4 vegetables that can be cut in half and put back together. Each vegetable has a corresponding picture button with the color of that vegetable. This super cool pot has some super cool catch phrases for the vegetables too. For example, “Broc-on, Dude” for broccoli and “This corn is popping!” The dial has numbers 0-4 each with a different cooking setting, such as warm, simmer, and boil.

The Choppin’ Fun Learning Pot guides kids through five different recipes like spaghetti sauce and “Rainbow soup” to name a few. Kids follow one and two-step directions to complete the recipe. She uses great temporal markers like first, second, and next when giving the steps.

“Chop the red tomato and drop it in.”

“Stir when I say stir. Stop when I say stop.”

Why we love it

Understanding and using temporal and transition words (like first, next, then, last) help give cohesion to a story. These words give organization to a sequence, which makes comprehension easier and will also improve narrative discourse (storytelling). Understanding a cohesive sequence is an essential and fundamental skill for preschool children. It helps them to recognize patterns that make the world more understandable.

LeapFrog delivers another fun and educational toy that promotes vocabulary (adjectives like crunchy, juicy, etc.), color and number concepts, following directions, and sequencing. Your young chef will love the pretend play value in cooking and learning at the same time.

Available at Target, Walmart, and Amazon