MindWare’s Peaceable Kingdom has been producing some of the best preschool games to start board game play that engages a 2 year-old in fun learning. The littlest players learn beginning game play as they take turns, follow directions and complete trains. Everyone is a winner here as kids  learn colors, matching, sequence, position, shapes and vocabulary while adding a boxcar, cargo tiles and caboose onto the four train engines-yellow, red, blue and green. Even the engines have a different shape on each one to add to the learning. A good preschool game teaches parents too as the instructions include “Extend the play and learning” to encourage matching your red engine to red objects in the room, or looking for similar shapes and drawing them. Parents of toddlers are always asking me for good toys and games to play with their kids and “Chugga Choo”  checks off all the boxes for learning and fun!

Available at Mindware. Click here