Crayola’s easy take along Clay Sculpting Station is the perfect portable set that allows sculptors to create, paint, and display their figurines. Artists exercise creativity, fine motor skills, and even some pretend and imaginative play when their figures are complete.

Inside your sculpting station briefcase are 4 packages of air drying clay, sculpting tools and press on design patterns, 12 paint colors, 2 brushes, and a turntable for easy (and expert) painting.

Our artists first looked to the Idea Guide which provided detailed How-Tos to create 3 different animal friends: a penguin, dog, and shark. It provided tips on painting and using design overlays to add detail to sculptures. One of our artists keenly took advice on one part of the instructions and then modified to create her own pangolin. The design overlays were perfect for making pangolin scales.

With endless creation options, artists made both creatures and functional objects, like plates and bowls. Purchasing clay refills is easy to keep creating, imagining, and sculpting!

Available at Crayola and Amazon