Cocomelon fans look no further! Bring JJ and his friends into your home with Cocomelon Magna-Tiles Structures Set. With three fun and educational themes to choose from, including Schooltime Songs, Farmyard Songs, and Bedtime Songs, your child will be building structures and their vocabulary!

The Farmyard Songs set is so fun! Kids loved building a fence with their double sided tiles and putting the animals inside. Younger language learners practiced animal sounds through songs and play. Reinforcing songs during playtime promotes language development, literacy skills, and vocabulary. Our friends eagerly associated visual pictures of animals while singing, which fostered new word learning.

The Schooltime Songs set features pictures from three favorite songs: The Wheels on the Bus, First Day of School, and Shapes in my Lunch. Kids loved the seeing some additional Cocomelon friends like Cody, Coco, Nina and more. We practiced use of prepositions as we put friends next to, above, and between one another. Kids loved finding the bus tiles to make a bus (like a puzzle!) and used it in pretend play as the reenacted going to and from school. There’s a social-emotional education component with these tiles too, as JJ’s face reveals different feelings that catapult conversations about emotions.

The Bedtime Songs set includes tiles for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the Bath Song. Kids built a large star using hexagon and triangle tiles, practiced counting and one-to-one number correspondence, and sang along to clean their bodies in an imaginative play scenario.

Why We Love It

These three sets reinforced use of songs and storytelling for communication. Singing can help develop early language skills and literacy, such as auditory discrimination, auditory memory, phonological awareness, and vocabulary development. When the tiles are sequenced, kids began to retell the story or song in order. This sets the stage for more mature narratives later on. Strong narrative development and storytelling skills are one of the best predictors of future academic success.

So get building, get singing, and experience the fun of learning through play with Magna-Tiles Structures featuring Cocomelon!

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