Kids loved the Disney movie illustrations as we placed our 16 Treasure Cards in a 4 x 4 grid for the playing surface. Since our players were 8 years and up, we chose to place the illustration side up, rather than the written description. Players split into 2 teams, designating a “Cluemaster” for each team. (By the way, this was a sought after position!) The two Cluemasters faced the guessers and each chose a Key Card that shows the location of the Treasure Cards to be guessed by the Blue or Red team. The Key corresponds to the grid on the table so kids are exercising some spatial orientation as they generate clues. On your team’s turn, the Cluemaster gives a clue that relates to one or more of their color’s Treasure Cards. Teammates can continue to guess as long as they are correct. Here is where the fun and thinking begins. Players came up with great clues that included up to 3 Treasure cards, from simple, “amber” to deeper concepts like “sizzle,” “lost,” and “submerged.”  “Regal” was the clue for Snow White, castle and Mufasa while “competitor” described Merida from Brave and Lightning McQueen. After Mom, who is a writer,  joined us and added her thoughtful clues, “submerged,” “duel” and “tropical” she looked at her son and said, “Look at all the words you’ve learned!” Three generations enjoyed playing this game together, building vocabulary, association, and description skills as well as critical thinking, all in the context of secret codes and Disney fun!

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