imgresMy little friends started out coloring Frozen’s Olaf, Anna and Elsa as well as the Avengers’ Hulk and Iron Man. I told them to use their special edition crayon for effects that we’d see later, as Olaf sparkled where the “Frostbite” crayon had been used. After downloading the free Color Alive app to animate their characters, we scanned the colored pages with our device (iPad in this case) and followed the instructions to bring our characters alive through augmented reality. I will say the kids had the most laughs, moving their characters around the room and snapping a picture with them. Olaf stood on the dog’s head, and the Hulk turned toward little brother with his muscles. Color Alive allows kids to be creative on many levels, from composing their picture with special effects crayons, to animating them and telling a story through photos. We even sent a few of our best shots to Mom and Dad to show how creative we had been in their absence!

Available at Crayola. Click here