Calling all passionate artists with parents who desire less mess! Crayola’s Color and Erase Reusable Mat and Reusable Activity Pads are the perfect take along project for your travel adventures.

The Color and Erase Reusable Mat features nearly 3 feet of free coloring space for the artist that loves a big canvas. It’s forgiving to “mistakes” (although no mistakes in art!) and allows for redos with its easy wipeable surface. The Color and Erase Reusable Mat includes 6 ultra-clean washable markers that store for travel. Our artists put our work on pause and rolled the mat up to continue at another time.

The Color and Erase Activity Pads feature three different themes: Dinosaurs, Under the Sea, and On the Farm. These lap friendly coloring pads offer the same mess-free fun. With three markers that self-store at the front of the pad, kiddos can color and wipe clean to do it all over again. Additional activities like number and shape matching, mazes, tic-tac-toe, and finish the scene keep kids engaged and learning.

Our artists loved the color and erase technology. It appealed to a sprawling age range of kids where they colored in the lines, outside of the lines, connected dots, and freestyle drew. They created scenes together on the Reusable Mat as they divided up sections and working cooperatively: “You can color the sky and I’ll do the grass.”

Crayola always knows the most fun ways to let kids unleash their creativity. The Color and Erase Reusable Mat and Activity Pads combine convenient portability with learning and art.

Activity Pads available at Amazon and Mat available at Crayola