We love Crayola’s Colors of the World line and now artists can accurately represent themselves and the colors around them. These packs of 24 different skin tone shades in broad line markers and colored pencils are perfect for expressing oneself and the diverse people around us. 

The 24 different colors are categorized into three main shades: almond, golden, and rose. Our testers saw these boxes and immediately wanted to create a “people rainbow.” We read the names of all the colors, which sparked their own conversations as kids compared colors and generated some name alternatives. For instance, one tester used medium deep golden and said, “this one should be called Mommy’s coffee” and medium almond also became known as “potato!”

A great packaging feature of the Colors of the World line are the swatches on the sides of the boxes. Kids can match their own skin tone to one on the side and then find their color and create their #TrueSelfie. These swatches also sparked meaningful conversations about diversity and different people we know with all different types of skin. Colors of the World are a must for every classroom and craft activity table.