839499295282eLittle chefs can pull this kitchen on wheels to any spot and start cooking! With two-sided fun for pretend play, kids can heat their soup up on the two burners, or pop a pie in the oven, turning the clicking knobs to the right temperature. Pull out the expandable cart and counter to store or display completed treats. Clean-up is easy in the sink as kids can store their pots and pans (sold separately) on hooks above. Walk around to the other side of this cooking cart and you find two sections of blackboard that can serve for announcing the menu, listing daily specials or an invitation to a party! Hape designs their pretend play toys so well to include a number of related features to stretch the imagination and allow the child to lead the play. Every time they are telling a story, they are preparing for later reading and writing. When they pick up a piece of chalk to write out the menu, they are building fine motor skills for writing and practicing the written word. Food and learning are a smart combination in my book!

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