A familiar face known to many toddlers, GUND’s Cookie Monster Construction Worker is dressed in his bright orange construction vest and ready to get to work. Toddlers will love this snuggly take-along plush perfect for early pretend play and role playing, ready to fix it all.

After wide eyes and a snuggly hug, our toddler tester tucked Cookie under her arm and went straight to work using spoons and other household objects as “tools” fixing chairs and drawer handles in the kitchen. Seeing the familiar Cookie Monster take on this new construction role made language flow in easy ways. With a little modeling, our toddler began combining toys in play, a skill that helps encourage cognitive, emotional, and social development. 

Practicing these short sequences in play encouraged our caregiver to narrate play actions, combining nouns and verbs together, like “fix chair,” “bang hammer,” “Cookie fixes.” This type of simple language is great for early talkers as they begin to combine words into short phrases. Fun role playing toys like GUND’s attractive plush toys and Cookie Monster Construction Worker are the perfect match for language and play.