Shimmer Me Body Art by Spin Master is a fun arts and crafts activity for children 8 and up. After following a set of directions to place temporary stickers to their skin, like tattoos, artists can add shiny colors with glitter and metallic foils.

The set includes over 180 sticker designs, and one roller with 4 metallic foil cartridges (silver, gold, pink/purple, and rainbow!). These cartridges are placed into the roller and then rolled over the sticker tattoo to give your tattoo a vibrant and shiny look. Artists can also brush on glitter and add stick on gems to embellish their look.

This craft would be a great playdate or birthday party activity as there are so many different sticker design combinations. Artists are using creativity and planning design skills as they configure the best look for their art. They’re required to follow a set of specific directions, showing understanding of higher-order thinking skills as they sequence what happens first, next, and so on to get the desired results.

As our toy testers sifted through their sticker design options, they began planning combinations that they wanted and laid them on the table first. Here, they used spatial awareness skills as some older kids were wanting symmetry in their design and meaning. “I need two lightening bolts next my unicorn because it shows bravery,” said one tattoo artist.

Kids loved this fun and artsy temporary sticker tattoo activity. It was enlightening to see the planning in their designs, ingenuity, and descriptive flair that they added. They shared why they chose their designs, finding meaning in the pictures and colors they chose. It was an unexpected extra benefit to this craft as they reflected on their personal characteristics.

Available at Target, Walmart and Amazon