VTech’s Count & Win Sports Center exercises little ones’ minds and bodies as they shoot hoops and kick soccer goals while listening to encouraging phrases, counting, learning colors and shapes, all with a little good sportsmanship thrown in. Kids are rewarded for their good kick by the goalie, “Nice shot” and given directions like, “Toss the ball into the basketball hoop to score a point,” or “Can you find the triangle button?” Push the shape buttons on the backboard to hear about shapes, colors and fun sports phrases, “Your team is cheering for you!” Toss the basketball into the hoop to hear and see the numbers counting from one to ten and fun animations on the scoreboard. Kids love chasing, picking up the rolling balls and slam dunking the basketball or kicking a goal to hear cheering and encouragement from the crowd. Kids can enjoy 65+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases to enhance language learning through physical play, a wonderful learning combination.

Available at Walmart.