Hello, Detectives! Welcome to Big Brain— “a hilarious place where imaginations run wild and acting weird is normal.” In this cooperative game, players work together search the city, find the clues and to solve mysteries on a giant map.

Players first set up the game by putting together the four Big Brain Map puzzle pieces. Their Detective Board is placed nearby and they pick five different Mystery Cards to solve. With two different levels of difficulty, this cooperative game is perfect for siblings or mixed aged groups where everyone can participate.

Each Mystery Card has a question to answer or something to find in the Big Brain. Players quickly learned to read carefully since the sometimes solving the mystery meant to make some deeper inferences than just seeking a person or event in the brain.

Why We Love It

Big Brain Detective Game encourages cooperation as players all work together in a common goal. They read mystery cards and talked to each other about what they saw, laughed about silly scenes and stayed on track as they solved mysteries.  They deduced, problem solved, discussed options and used their critical thinking and negotiation skills.

Once wasn’t enough. Our group of sleuths were begging for multiple rounds of the Big Brain Detective Game. There was even conversation and storytelling when the game wasn’t in play. They loved scanning the silly Big Brain and its different worlds of gardens, mountains, skies, and oceans. With funny friends and faces, unique creatures and weird activity, the Big Brain is certainly the place to be!

Available at Funko Games, Summer 2023