The perfect game for indoors and out, listening and following directions, and fun and laughs. Cranium Hullabaloo brings gross motor and language development together in this group game of moving, listening, and learning.

Game set up is simple – scatter the felt shapes on your play space, download the app and listen up! Players then follow the directions to spin, jump, and stomp to their next space.

Hullabaloo is great for learning categories: colors, shapes, numbers, musical instruments, animals and more. The music plays and directs players to a felt spot based on a category item. Players need to follow directions and use vocabulary knowledge of actions and words. For example: “Zoom to a green,” “Spin to a square,” “March to a musical instrument.”

Why We Love It

I love the game’s focus on auditory comprehension for different actions and verbs. Kids must listen carefully to the audio to get their next instruction and then practice identifying spaces by categories. This helps players improve their ability to understand and execute multi-step directions, which is a critical skill in learning, including academics and daily activities. They use category knowledge to organize their thoughts and use of words in language as they find the space that matches the direction.

So put on your listening ears! Cranium Hullabaloo is great for family game night, sibling play since a vast age group can play simultaneously, indoor movement and gross motor on rainy or snowy days. A great choice that pairs entertainment with education, quality time, and repeat play.