crayola-crayon-factory-ptru1-23807430dtMoms love that kids can re-purpose broken crayons, and kids love to create a car, dog or heart character from melted crayons! Place your crayon or broken pieces to the fill line of the tube, snap the mold into the chamber, preheat, and melt the crayons that will fill the mold. Each process takes only a few minutes, including the cool down. I would recommend adult supervision. Forget a 3D printer–kids can create 3D objects with their melted crayons! Now we have a dog, heart figure or car to play and draw with. The car is perfect for drawing its own road as you drag the wheels on the paper. Kids get to perform a little science experiment, trying different color combinations and then have a special new crayon to draw with or engage in a little pretend play for language learning!

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