We could hardly finish assembling the easel before kids were coming by to play and create! With a 77 piece set of letters and numbers, re-usable space stickers, colored chalk and 3 magnetic gears, kids had the tools to get their creativity cranking! One child spelled out “outer space” and started to tell a story using the space man and ship stickers. A 2 year-old walked up and experimented with turning the gears, while a 9 year-old wrote out a message to his brother on the chalkboard and did a little cartooning for his story. This double sided easel has room for 2 or more children to get to “work” on the chalkboard or the dry erase magnetic surface so kids can be building their language skills through storytelling at the same time! Since the easel was set up in the middle of a play area, it was fun to see kids wander over and create a drawing or message and them make room for the next participant. Kids get practice with fine motor skills for writing as well as language skills for reading. What a wonderful toy for prepping kids for school as well as making learning fun.

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