Kids loved decorating Crayola’s Scribble Scrubbie animals, the lion, elephant, monkey and giraffe, to prepare them for the safari. I’m not sure what kids like more, decorating the fuzzy figures, or scrubbing them clean in their own oasis with a working palm tree shower! It doesn’t matter because kids can start up the process again, color, play, shower, and color again!  Crayola’s new set provides lots of opportunity for personalizing the animals and preparing them for pretend play. They can even take the slide down from their oasis pool. Children can decorate and customize the safari animals as they create their story, and engage in pretend play, which is critical to language learning. Research shows that children engaged in pretend play often use higher levels of language as they take on roles and imitate life’s situations. Kids can create, pretend and advance their language skills with some safari play and shower!

Available at Crayola. Click here