Kids love to draw so now they can create original art, write a message, or trace a favorite picture with the Mini Gel FX Markers (included), turn on the Light Board and watch the magic as the bright LED’s built into the frame make the marker images glow. With three different lighting options, kids can put on a show. This light board was so popular in the classroom as kids wanted to draw or write to express themselves. Their teacher loved the Light Board and thought it would be great to have out when the kids arrived at school with birthdays announced on it! Tapping into creativity, imagination and story telling, this Light Board can also serve as an exciting activity to strengthen fine motor muscles for writing if kids need a little extra practice. They’ll never know it’s a workout for those little fingers. Little artists can stand the board up and have their work on display until they have a new idea and wipe the drawing surface clean with a damp cloth for their next masterpiece in the making.

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