qbitz_box_11bKids and parents loved this topsy turvy word game challenging players 10 and up to think outside the box. Hold up a word card and see who can decipher it first with some letters rotated (a “d” can actually be a “p,”  “h” a “y,” or “I” an “l”). Letters are in the correct order but the word can be read left to right or right to left. A teacher/Mom said it’s a great game for brain and learning! We all found that some words immediately popped out to use, while others needed longer analysis. I found if I looked at the shape of the whole word I was more successful than taking one letter at a time. “Lion” was obvious to one while others were stumped by it. “doEW” wasn’t recognizable to me but another player immediately shouted out “poem.”  Players moved from either end of the word, trying out different letters for those that could be rotated. Lots of memory, visual and reading skills are tapped as one rotates and holds on to optional letters in the sequence. This game was the favorite of the day among my players. “I would definitely buy this.” said Mom, “It would be a fun family game.”

Available at Mindware: Click here