Our little girls/architects got right to work, designing their home, moving the 3 units around and up and down to create a “beach house,” in the words of the creator. They explained the design concept of open air views from the bedroom, shower and living area–my kind of house. Featuring 1 movable staircase, 2 solar cell roofs that can flip and become a garden, 6 movable decoration walls, and 2 glass fences, the kids provided some solar energy and even designed a tennis court on the roof! Dad was tucked in bed for a nap (I guess the view was relaxing) and a little girl was having a game of tennis with her friend on the roof. Bathroom, kitchen, dining room, bedroom and living room furniture is included but figures are sold separately. So much chat and story-telling could be overheard as my little designers started telling a story with their family in the house. What an exciting, creative, learning toy for encouraging language skills.

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