Your future paleontologist will love Crayola’s Critter Creator Fossil Kit. This all inclusive set is everything they need to create, design, and examine their very own insect and arachnid fossils.

This fossil kit is perfect for STEAM education as students build their own bugs and then preserve them for eternity (well, sort of ;p). The reusable play and display mat is both functional and informative. As our budding paleontologists created their bugs, they learned interesting facts about each one. They compared 10 different critters’ habitats, diets, size, and body part diagrams.

Included in this awesome Fossil Kit is clay, 10 different bug molds, 10 paint colors, and bug wings too! Students used fine motor skills as they pressed and peeled their clay into and out of molds. They exercised their creative sides by painting and designing their bugs. The set also includes 10 magnifying fossil cases. Once the bugs are dry, not only can paleontologists preserve their bugs in this case, but they examined them up close with its magnifying lens. Students really enjoyed seeing their bugs’ parts up close – analyzing legs, antennae, and paint strokes too.

The Critter Creator Fossil Kit proved a winner! This set engaged children in multiple ways as they created and learned new information, vocabulary, and comparison skills. It’s the perfect birthday gift or rainy day activity.