Bug lovers and future entomologists will learn fun facts while crafting critters with clay. Crayola’s Critter Creator kit includes 8 bug body part molds to create centipedes, spiders and scorpions. The best part — mix and match bug segments to create your own glow in the dark critter.

The reusable play mat includes diagrams and facts that allows for true hands-on learning. Kids loved matching their clay bug parts to the ones described on the mat. They compared details and bug anatomy while exercising their own creativity and adding glow in the dark paint. The Critter Creator Glow Bugs are an awesome science learning tool where kids can practice other skills like fine motor and feed their critter curiosity.

After a few “textbook bugs,” imaginations soared and our toy testers created “spidorpians” and “scopripedes” and more creepy crawly, glow-in-the-dark creatures. After molding and painting and some dry time, kids loved incorporating their new critters in pretend play and pranking some older adults too.