Kids and parents were intrigued by the triangular and square base pieces that could snap together to make shapes, serving as a base for larger bricks on one side and smaller bricks on the flip side.  Mom walked by and said, “COOL!” I was even surprised by what these shapes were used to create–a Star Wars spaceship, a pyramid, a hat, bird with wings, teepee, shoulder pad (yes, our little guy put the pyramid up to his shoulder for a football pad), and finally a scoop to pick up the many legos on the floor. The cube became the base for a house while the triangle pieces served as an open roof. Kids could bring accessories, use compatible building bricks, and add favorite figures, stuffed animals or toys to the building themes to create an original story, building language skills. It’s refreshing to see a product that adds new dimensions to popular brick building, extending open-ended play in many directions in a time when I see many lego lovers spending time building models for display.

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