CuddleUppets lived up to their names when my little tester immediately put her hand in the doggie face and wrapped herself up in the incredibly soft body blanket for a cuddle. I wrapped up in the bear, finding it toasty until she instructed me, “You need your cuddleUppet on your hand,”  so we could converse! Kids became the puppets, as they draped the body blanket around themselves and moved with the motion of the character. Children got right into pretend play as they took on the character of their lifesize puppet. Language learning is enhanced when children role play, using voices and dialogue associated with their character. CuddleUppets can be be used for active puppetry or take a rest and engulf little ones in a cuddle. The funniest was when Mom came in the room, took one look at the cuddleUppets and said, “Can I have one? Do they make them in grown up sizes?”

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