Cupstruction is a new and innovative way of building. Kids 3 and older can stack cups to create structures, designs, and even figures that will lead to pretend play!

This set includes 48 cups in four different colors. The cups have a unique ridged design that allow for easy and sturdy stacking. Inside your box are cards with 40 different build ideas. Builders can follow a design photo to create shapes (like hearts and diamonds), animals (like a giraffe, lion, and fish) and props for pretend play (like a spyglass, sword, and a crown).

Kids become the architects during this at home STEM learning activity. They are designing, executing, and revising their builds. It was encouraging to watch our toy testers have one design idea in mind – then pivot or expand as new ideas sprang up. When kids are building and constructing, they’re using problem solving, adaptation, and exploratory learning.

The unique component of Cupstruction is how the cups stick together. It allows for kids to build a 3-D version of a play prop and then actually use it during play. Our toy testers were very excited about role playing and became a knight and a king. One donned a crown while the other held a sword fighting an evil imaginary dragon. With so many building possibilities, it encouraged children’s imaginations during open play.

Cupstruction offers STEM learning, encourages children to apply knowledge, develop a passion for innovation and promotes teamwork and imaginary play. It stacks and stores easily, is dishwasher safe, and an awesome educational toy for home or school settings.

Available at MindWare