The Curious Kingdom Castle Playset by Playper provides boundless imagination and learning. Created with sustainability in mind, the details in this incredible playset are designed to ignite creativity, curiosity, and conversation.

In your set, you’ll get 6 awesome characters, with mini biographies that describe a few of their characteristics. For example, Snuffles is the a brave and loyal fire-breathing dragon — but she has allergies! So when she sneezes, watch out! King Ketchup puts ketchup on everything! Even pancakes!

This provided a launching pad of storytelling during group play. Each kiddo proudly took on the role of their character, created dialogue, navigated problems, and used language for a variety of functions. This pretend play is essential for children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development. Through role-playing, they learn to understand different perspectives, develop empathy, and enhance their communication skills.

The castle’s three different levels allow the story to move in many different directions. The thoughtful features of each prop and artistry prompts storytelling adventures. As children weave narratives around the kings, knights, dragons, and princesses within the playset, they naturally enhance their language skills. Whether they’re narrating epic quests or engaging in dialogue between characters, they’re actively expanding their vocabulary and honing their storytelling abilities.

The open-ended nature of the Curious Kingdom allows customizable elements and multiple characters to encounter new obstacles (every good story needs a problem to solve!). Children are encouraged to devise their own solutions to challenges they encounter during play. Whether it’s strategizing to overcome a dragon’s lair or planning a diplomatic resolution between kingdoms, children develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way.

Playper is committed to sustainability, and it reflects in all of their products. It’s made of PlayperBoard — a unique material that is 100% plastic-free and recyclable. Crafted from durable, eco-friendly materials, this playset is built to last while minimizing its environmental footprint. Everything is recyclable, and they strive to reduce waste throughout the production process. By investing in this product, parents can feel good about both its educational value and its positive impact on the planet.

Through pretend play, storytelling, language development, and problem-solving, kids loved the adventures that the Curious Kingdom brought along. With 360 degrees of multilevel play, fascinating characters and sustainable design, kids and parents can trust that they’re investing in an awesome product and the health of the planet.

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