A simple “fast thinking word game,” “Dabble,” entertains the whole family. Each player is given 20 word tiles and a graduated bleacher on which to place a word of  two, three, four, five and six letters in just five minutes. Play may take several timed rounds to declare a winner, or in my case, an especially adept word master friend got it on the first try! The winner earns points from the value of the tiles left unused by his opponents. This is a game that can be enjoyed at many levels–competitive adults, families, younger kids with an option to limit the length of words required and even teams. A suggested adaptation gives bonus points for forming words within a pre-selected category such as clothing, food, or house objects. Categories up the level of play but also add language learning value as players have to formulate words while thinking within a category. Lots of conversation ensued explaining strategy. One mom suggested her kids start with the longest word. A dad was methodical in grouping vowels along the center and lining up common beginning and ending consonants to draw his words from. Building vocabulary, language. literacy and thinking skills, “Dabble” makes learning fun!

Recommended Age: 10 and up

Suggested Retail Price: $24.99

Available at: INI, LLC