Daisy’s enjoying breakfast at her orphanage as the children and staff prepare to meet prospective families. Daisy seemed to be passed over for adoption in the past, but this time just the right mother chooses her for her “forever family,” and the adventure begins. This series of nine books (and a tenth of lesson plans) is a “heartwarming story” as a young reader said, filled with sweet descriptions of a new family finding its way during World War II.  Daisy’s mom is single, not what she had anticipated, but perfect in her eyes nonetheless. As they learn to be a family, Mom tries to cook and Daisy to please as they blend into a thankful family. Other titles include “Daisy’s Independence Picnic” about their first public appearance at an event organized for adoptive parents and their children, “Daisy and the Gerry” about the requirement for aware and active citizenship and “Daisy and the Facts,” about propaganda. A tenth book contains Lesson Plans 1-9, which primarily explains relevant vocabulary such as ration/rationing, The Great War, banish, succumb, commend, deprive, gossip, verify, malicious, and propaganda. The Lesson Plan Supplement includes suggested discussion topics, group projects, and research options that build language skills through analysis, comparison, description and prediction related to looking at Daisy’s historic era versus today. This series may be for a more targeted audience interested in reading about navigating life while trusting God, but in any case, it promotes kindness, manners, respect and good citizenship with an historical background of times during World War II.

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