Who doesn’t love a good charcuterie board? Now kid chefs can help in the kitchen with this awesome Deluxe Charcuterie Kit. They’ll practice fine motor skills, measuring, and following directions to execute the perfect appetizer platter for the family.

With 25 different tools, including kid-safe knives, shape cutters, cutting boards, tongs, measuring spoon, star picks, and ruler, kids follow recipe cards to wow their guests (and make themselves proud too!).

Older kids enjoyed reading the recipe card for several tips about safe cutting grips, how-to, and even some fun facts about healthy eating. Did you know that red foods boost heart health? Orange foods are good for your eyes and skin. And green foods keep your immune system strong.

Our kid chefs used the ruler to measure their vegetables for particular sized cuts. Slicing a banana to 1/4” thick, and bell pepper 2” long. They took this precision very seriously, practicing math vocabulary, size awareness and measuring technique.

They used their fine motor skills when cutting with knives and pressing with meats and cheeses with various shape cutters. They practiced spatial awareness as they used shape cutters to get the most flowers or stars on a single piece of cheese or salami. They carefully placed their creations on their charcuterie board to create delicious masterpieces of edible art.

The Deluxe Charcuterie Kit is the perfect addition to your kitchen where Playful Chefs will design, create, practice fine motor and math skills too. Kids felt accomplished and proud to contribute to their families’ meal.

Available at MindWare