Build and learn with Educational Insight’s Design & Drill Bolt Buddies. The newest tractor set combines pretend play, STEM construction, fine motor development and promotes language and learning.

The tractor set includes a Farm Tractor with trailer and 6 drilling spots to assemble. Kids loved building the tractor by securing the seat and attaching the wheels using a screwdriver. This helped to promote hand-eye coordination and bilateral integration. As one hand held the bolt steady and the other screwed in, fine motor skills in the fingers, thumb, and wrist were also being worked.

Unfold the reversible box that showcases a picture scene and becomes a part of the story, featuring an outdoor orchard, coop, road, and even more animals and friends. The farmer and his chicken pal rode their tractor on and off road picking up other (cardboard) friends and some vegetables too.

The picture scene and moveable tractor allowed the story to present in different ways. There was so much language and dialogue as the farmer went about his daily duties. Role playing became more sophisticated as our toy testers loved to pretend that the tractor broke down, requiring frequent disassembly and reassembly of all the parts. The chicken pal, of course, was a great helper too.

Educational Insights truly embodies learning through play. This fantastic toy combines fine motor practice, problem solving and early STEM construction with pretend play, language, and social-emotional development through role playing.

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