Players were excited to play the special Despicable Me version of Ravensburger’s classic Labyrinth game–younger players because they couldn’t help but talk about the characters and story line, and older players because Labyrinth has been a favorite game in our families for years.  I felt like I was being introduced to the cast of 24 characters as my 11 year-old said, “This is Edith and this is Agnes.” “He’s evil and he had this serum that the minions ate and turned them purple and evil too!” The former super villain, Gru, his three adopted daughters, friends and evil doers from the movies are hiding in the maze and you have to reach them through clever moves, shifting a column or row by one place to advance your playing piece through the newly constructed maze. We always seem to unveil who we are looking for and help new players with a bit of strategic advice. Grandma was new to the game so her granddaughter helped her look ahead for her next possible move. Of course the maze changes several times before it is your turn again so don’t plan too far ahead. We had so much fun chatting about strategy, characters, and memories from the movies that this became a wonderful intergenerational game of social language sharing. In the middle of the game, our 11 year-old said, “We should take this up north! (on vacation)” and Grandma agreed.

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